“Don’t Snitch” street code is killing black kids


I can’t remember exactly where I was when I saw the kid, but I do remember the shirt. The shirt said, “Don’t Snitch”. I don’t have any children of my own and I don’t hang around young folks that much, so I have to get my news about what’s going on with the young folk from second- and third-hand sources, but word had been out on these shirts for awhile. The message on the t-shirts – and I think caps, too –  is essentially a warning to black folks not to cooperate with the police for any reason. Even if you know a little girl was killed, and you know who did it, the “Don’t Snitch” code apparently mandates that we as black folks should not tell the cops what we know.


Then, this morning I read an excellent column  discussing the to-snitch-or-not-to-snitch issue by Earl Ofari Hutchinson, who writes a regular newspaper column and also hosts the “Hutchinson Political Report” blog. I’d have to say that Hutchinson’s well-researched conclusions pretty much summarize my own, namely that we as black people are only killing ourselves by offering silent haven to those among us who are killing us. That’s not black love, that’s mass suicide.

As Hutchinson points out, there is definitely precedent for why black folks aren’t too enthusiastic about working with cops, especially in a city like Detroit where our first black mayor, Coleman A. Young, largely won the election based on his open stance against the rampant police brutality that was being perpetrated against the city’s black residents. We can all recite by memory a laundry list of cases, both from personal experience as well as well-publicized news headline stories, that more than sufficiently demonstrate the disdain with which some police officers treat our community. It’s not exactly a secret.

But it’s also not a secret – certainly not in Detroit – that  black youngsters are murdering each other at a rate that far outpaces anything rogue cops could ever hope to match, even if they were all working together on a collective mission as part of some “Kill Black Kids NOW’ campaign. The sick and horrible truth is that nobody kills black folks better than black folks do. We’re really good at it.

 And as any cop who is actually trying to help the community can tell you, it is far too often far too difficult to get any help from the very communities that are being torn apart by this sort of violence. Why? Because we’re buying into this lie that we’re better off letting murderers that look like us go free – even when they murder those who look like us – because in some perverse distortion of Black Pride, this is now considered the proper way to show that you’re supporting your people.

You know, if those who insisted on not snitching were doing some behind-the-scenes vigilante-style action where they were taking down the killers themselves and making neighborhoods safer, then in a twisted way I wouldn’t be quite so upset. At least then they could make the excuse that since they don’t trust the cops they have decided to organize amongst themselves to rid the community of its murderers. At least then they could say they were doing something.

But when all you’re doing is walking around wearing a t-shirt that says PLEASE KEEP BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS SAFE FOR MURDERERS, THIEVES, AND DRUG DEALERS  – because that’s what the t-shirts are really saying – then you are the worst kind of self-hater imaginable.

And your self-hate isn’t just killing you; it’s killing all of us.


~ by Keith A. Owens on April 23, 2007.

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  1. I hate and mistrust most cops. They are our enemy and that has a lot to do with do not snitch. We were all raised that way. Having said that, crime is killing our community and the police need to work harder and better to gain trust of blacks.

  2. JD,

    Thanks for the honesty, and I mean that sincerely. I do understand the anger many of us have toward the police, believe me. It is not without reason. But I would also suggest that just as the police need to work harder to gain community trust, the community needs to do more to hold the criminal element THAT IS KILLING US accountable. This murdering of our own has to stop.

  3. My message to students is this; you are not snitching unless you are involved in criminal activities. Thus a snitch is someone who breaks the code for police to bust up their operation. Too many so called legit players are bordering on activity that would be deem criminal if they were ever busted.

    It’s those who I worry about more so than those who don’t have a clue to the meaning of a snitch.

  4. I hear you, Credo. Very well said.

  5. It’s a hard call to snitch or not to snitch. Here in Las Vegas we do have an anonymous call line to report crimes since it can be real dangerous to rat out wrongdoers. The only way to keep neighborhoods safe without the police is to SPEAK out against crime, keep watch on your neighborhood and engage the youth in positive activities. There should be another line added to the shirts like Don’t Snitch Prevent.

    Wishing you well as always

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  7. Danielle, I think you might have something there with that “Don’t Snitch; Prevent” idea for a t-shirt. I do know what you mean about it being close call, especially because of the danger involved to those brave enough to speak out. That’s another column all by itself. Still, I have called the police more than once to straighten out some particular situations, and for the most part the cops handled the situations well and I’m glad I called.

    But the main thing here, as you point out, is to prevent. Thanks for your thoughts.

  8. It appears no one is asking WHY these children have nihilistic and fatalistic visions of themselves and their communities! I would venture to say that part of the reasoning of the ‘No Snitch’ creed is an acute feeling or ‘knowing’ of devaluation of these children in their respective communities and the greater society.
    It is useless to blog and lament about what these children are doing and how they are killing themselves, and others in the Black community specifically and the larger society generally.
    As distorted and perverse as it may sounds the ‘No Snitch’ pollcy is control…a form of control over overarching circumstances. These children KNOW that they are devalued. They know that they are disposable. These facts are reinforced every single day of their lives in their neighborhoods, in the news, perhaps by their families or lack thereof. The residents of the communities in which these children reside also know that they are devalued!

    The ‘no snitch’ policy is strikingly analogous to the ‘no snitch’ policy/law if you will of PRISON and its subculture! How blatant a message that a community and youth have a symmetry of desperation, hopelessness and again devaluation outside of prison in a supposed free society?!

    I for one cannot imagine what it would be like to be a young Black boy or man in this society. When events or newsworthy items such as this occur, there appears to be an immediate tendency to ‘blame the victim.’
    This is becoming more noticeable among politicians, contenders, and or Blacks who’ve ‘made it.’ I state that with relative certainty in that I am responding to a blog posting that is generally accessible to people of some education, and perhaps economic means. We (myself included) can afford to have the discourse here, lamenting and chastizing those Black children for perpetrating ‘mass suicide.’
    In a sense, these events, these actions are not so different from say suicide bombers who take lives because life for them is utterly devalued and meaningless. The greater action being a quest for meaning through noteriety, and even death.
    My daughter is a teacher in the Cleveland School system where I volunteer at times. The kids in that system (predominantly Black) are essentially treated as disposable! The conditions of the schools are testament to that fact. No one it seems expects these children to succeed. Their failure is a given.
    My reason for responding to this post is out of fear. I have an 11 year old son. He is biracial, yet visibly Black. I am afraid for him. I live in fear as he grows older, and his manhood expresses itself. I know that his manhood and his Blackness collectively are viewed as a threat to this society.
    It is easy to comment to articles on blogs. Post an opinion and walk away feeling like I, or you have ‘done something’ said something.
    But, in order to save my son and others, we have to collectively decide that from this point on, not another Black child will die senselessly.
    From this point on we as a community, a more educated and powerful community than our fathers, mothers and grandparents must decide that the spiritual, emotion, mental and intellectual deaths of our children, as well as their physical deaths is unconsciounable and must stop!
    Unless, we ACT, unless we come out of our comfort zones and allow these children to interact with, see our example and touch someone ‘real’ then, we are nihilistic and fatalistic as well…just more comfortable in it.
    Today, we have more Harvard graduates, more college educated Black Americans, more businees persons, incredible stories of success and achievement. These kids need to see, touch and feel the normalcy of accomplishment. Normalcy of accomplishment means not everyone will escape by joining the NBA, for our children, this seems to be an ‘all or none’ modus operandi with them.
    Stop blogging about it and do something! Save my son. Save your son. These nihilistic children, are never far from us, no matter how many degrees, or levels of middle-classdom you and I acqqire. We are them and they are us.
    Adrienne Zurub

  9. Keith you need to tell Adrienne about the Afrosphear. We are not about just blogging but care indidivuals committed to makking a difference in our communities.

  10. Keith you need to tell Adrienne about the Afrosphear. We are not about just blogging but care indidivuals committed to makking a difference in our communities.

  11. Adrienne,

    I appreciate your comments and your passion. I do understand that there is a serious need for direct action to address the needs of our young people, and that to some simply writing about it does not qualify as such. However, as Credo has pointed out, it would be wrong to assume that all of us in the Afrosphere who write strongly – as you do – about issues that concern us are not doing anything else to address these issues. Blogging is not all that we do.

    I would also take issue with your view that seems to suggest there is not much power in words, and that only by “doing something” can you consider yourself a part of the solution. I would suggest that there have been very few successful movements throughout history that did not have their scribes. The law is written in words. The U.S. Constitution is written in words. Nations declare war with words. And certain idiots can lose their jobs because of words.

    So I agree totally that the senseless deaths of our children must stop. How could I possibly not agree with that? But I would strongly suggest to you that whatever action we as a community choose to take – and as individuals – that action will be put in motion by the power of words, both spoken and written.

  12. I agree with Credo also, but some of these young fools are not bright enough to comprehend that concept!

    I saw somewhere in the Afrospear today about a TV special that covered this topic. Ghetto children are so lost & that’s because they are missing the guidance from their parents.


  13. Bygbaby:

    Parents are not the only ones who have access to young people. Sad to say, children spend 5 days a week with adult instructors who lack the essential element of compassion.

    Teaching should be a profession that does no harm, especially when it comes to children. Shaquanda Cotton is a glowing example of what can go wrong, when children are misplaced in the hands of adults who should know better.

    I have taught as a part-time job students from early childhood to high school. I am a certified teacher, but it is not my profession. I have been cornered by big male students, but the message was clear, we are both going to do what we both are here to do. Me the teacher, you the student, or you are out of here. Some teachers are great at what they do, and others should find another job.

    Now, I am assuming here, that ghetto children are children coming from poor homes? If that’s the case, I am a ghetto child, my children and my grandchildren. Nevertheless, we have a right to live. In the right to live, I had a community of support to encourage, inspire and to motivate me in that direction. We are a family of educated but a working class family. And I made sure my children had a certain community of support to encourage, inspire and motivate them to live a certain quality of life. It was my goal that they achieve a higher status of living. And so far they both have.

    I can’t imagine a child going to bed hungry night after night, performing well in school everyday. Children should not be punished or judgment based on their circumstances, especially for having miseducated parents. Bad parenting is not an excuse to excuse children from making better choices.


  14. I find it ironic, those same folks saying don’t snitch are the first to ask who did it when their lives, families and friends are affected by some criminal behavior. Talk about hyporcrisy. They may not call the police and use their own street justice to rectify the situation. Yet, they say don’t tell when they are the ones doing dirt. NOT! All the cops are not right. I will tell when my saftey and my peeps are affected. SMH @ the No-Snitch Rule.

  15. black kids aren’t lost because of their parents. they’re lost because the institutions around them don’t work and they haven’t been given the capacity to generate new institutional responses.

    take the “no snitch” deal. it originated from what i know here in baltimore. and while we can talk all we want to about “the community stopping crime” the bottom line is that the “community” pays taxes so the POLICE can stop crime. and in the case of baltimore and other cities like it giving police the information they need to solve crimes is literally putting your life at risk. literally dozens of people who went to the police with information have been killed over the past several years. when your choice is either being silent or being murdered, what choice do you really have?

  16. Lester,

    You make some very compelling points, particularly about the potential danger posed to folks willing to step forward. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do a follow-up post on this issue since I’ve gotten such a strong response, so I’ll save the remainder of my response for that.

    As always, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

  17. Shai,

    I hear you loud and clear. I feel the very same way about me and mine when it comes to the snitching issue. I’ll do whatever needs to be done to ensure their safety – and to respond to those who place their safety in danger. Thanks for sharing your views.

  18. great stuff here… i’m really glad to read your blog…

  19. Thanks Grande! Come back anytime.

  20. @ adriennezurub

    ” But, in order to save my son and others, we have to collectively decide that from this point on, not another Black child will die senselessly. ”

    mark bey: I agree that is why we must get people who would murder anyone son or even his grandmother out of the community so they only do it once.

    Now at some point in the near future we can talk about job training programs for felons or course non violent one first but for now you have to remove the people who would rob and harm the folks (single black women) who all black men rely on most. Black women are usually thier for thier sons this is not the case with black men. Aint bashing brothers just telling what I see with my one eyes and what I have been told by Parks and Recreation officials which young black men need mentors, coaches tutors and great teachers.

    They dont need people insinuating that reprehensible dont snitch policy. We should rename that policy and make up our own shirts then we could all sell them on our blogs.

    Can anyone come up with a response slogan for a T-Shirt in response to the dont snitch T-Shirts. Id bet we could sell a million of them.

  21. Hey Mark.

    Thanks much for your thoughtful comments, and I think you may be onto something about those t-shirts.

  22. Lester in this thread said: “black kids aren’t lost because of their parents. they’re lost because the institutions around them don’t work and they haven’t been given the capacity to generate new institutional responses.”

    Lester made two mistakes: One Lester indirectly removed accountability of the individual. Two: He is overstimating the value of money and the conditions (he called it institution).

    One: Lester stated: They are lost because the institutions around them dont work? I ask you, so you have no other options but to become a criminal? Go to jail and get trapped of the revolving door we call “the system?” There are people (and yes blacks too) in this county who came from NOTHING and was able to achieve not only prosperity you say is denied to our people but they did it legally. Not fault of the parent? “Some” parents ARE the blame, as well as the child when he/she comes of age.

    The second is that you overestimate the power of money (and/or the condition). Dr. King spoke of this. Unless you been living under a rock, I know you have seen in your lifetime people who was born poor, but with hard work became wealthy. I was listening to talk radio about a black man who was a felon! Came out of prison to start and run his own business making 6 figures! And now he is getting business proposals from the same companies that would NOT HIRE HIM cause he had a jacket! At the same time Lester you have seen individuals who grew up in good neighborhoods, both parents in the house, XBox 360 in the room, good schools and they STILL took the wrong road in their lives and never turn or looked back. So that mindset as of this date, is rubbish. Your destiny (in this country and in this day and age) is what you make it.

    TEAMOWEN, good thread. Keep the communication open, and exchange ideas among our small nation.

  23. Flabbermouth,

    Thanks very much for dropping by and for your thoughtful comments. I hope you’ll be stopping by often.

  24. Very interesting post and very interesting comments. You know, kids are very influenced by fashion and by the opinion that other kids have and will follow it, even if they don’t know what it means. I have a feeling that these shirts are more “grown ups” taking advantage of the need young people have of feeling like they are doing the thing everyone else is. Is there anyone who is producing these shirts who is willing to come forward and say just what it is they are trying to say and what message they are selling to kids?

    Last year here in Italy, we had a huge fashion of these “Colombia Cocaine Cartel Puta tu Madre” shirts, that were supposed to be tough guy / jet set and who knows what. There were mums who were at the stalls buying them, obviously because their kids asked them to. One day I went up to one and said, “I hope you know what this shirt says”, and she admitted she didn’t. Then I said, “well, I sure wouldn’t want my kid wearing a shirt saying your mother is a whore and I sell cocaine”. She dropped the shirt like it was a viper. I mean, the possibility also exists that these kids don’t know WHAT the shirt really means. It might be a small possibility, but still….

    I think one of the issues many of you bring up is trust. Do you trust your neighbours and other civilians like yourself, or do you trust the ones that have guns in their holsters legally? I think that the police have to make a real effort of outreach if they want people to trust them. Abiding the law is what everyone is supposed to do, and I think most people would want to do that anyway, and would want criminals to pay for the things they do against others. But education that builds a healthy relationship between an authoritarian figure and someone who has little power is in the hands of the one with the power to try to balance… unless he doesn’t want that….

  25. The Cutter,

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments, and you make some excellent points. I think you’re right that not enough attention hs been paid to where these shirts are coming from, who is producing them and who is profiting from them. It’s not the kids, that’s for sure. Tbis is a point I neglected on my post, so I’m glad you’re raising it here.

    It’s also true that parents sometimes blindly purchase items their kids are begging for without being adequately informed – and up to date – about what it is they are purchasing. It’s extremely difficult for parents to know all that is going on in their children’s lives, but for the sake of their childrens’ lives they need to know.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  26. Has anyone ever seen the movie “Freedom Writers”? It’s the story of Erin Gruwell. I know there are many differences in Detroit from California (I believe that’s where the movie takes place), but it is similar in so many ways. Erin was ONE person who made a difference. No one in the high school she taught at believed in those kids, and the kids knew it. She brought them together. All it takes is one person to make a difference and to help try and spread change. Those kids dealt a lot with the “no snitching” rule as well, having to protect “their own” because the kids were at war with each other–a racial war. That movie is so inspriing. Being a kid myself, I know how it is to sometimes just need someone to believe in you. Someone to go that extra mile to help you–that’s what kids need. They need someone to help them through and graduate and show them right from wrong. Teach them what they have missed out on learning. Erin got several kids to graduate and go off to college who otherwise would have probably ended up in jail or killed. Just thought I would share.

  27. MissaLexxx,

    I’m really glad you did share, and I appreciate your comments. You’re right; one person believing in you can make all the difference in the world between success and failure. It’s been quite awhile since I was a kid 🙂 however I can still remember the names of those teachers who refused to let me doubt myself and were always there. That’s going back more than 30 years, which just goes to show what an impact they had.

  28. Just remember, teachers can not work miracles if the parents block their efforts at every turn.

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  30. it’s like new jack city where everyone wears Sean John, i think. 🙂

    i hope the oreo joke didn’t offend you,


  31. Tamiki,

    Hell naw that didn’t offend me. Cracked me up as usual. You’ve got a seriously warped sense of humor, man, and I love it.

  32. legalize murder. The happiness that will spread through the land will be fantastic. Do this while legalizing drugs and the prisons would empty. The savings will pay for all the coffins and grief counseling.

  33. Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  34. The whole “no snitch” thing plays right into the Police’s hand. They don’t really want to investigate who killed someone, so when nobody speaks up, the report gets filed, and the crime doesn’t get solved. End of story. The murderer gets away with it and the parents are left behind to grieve. Any young person that sees this enough will know that its OK to kill a black person in this city.

    All this because some people would rather live in fear then put a killer behind bars.

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  36. Recently, a black neighbor kept silent about witnessing his black neighbor being beat to death. When it finally came out in the media, commentators expressed evil & vicious thoughts towards the silent neighbor. This mentality disgusts me because it is not created by or within the black community- it is created by institutional ignorance and racism
    Police are crooked liars and even though reporting a crime you were not involved in is not snitching- how willing would you be to risk your life? With no criminal record whatsoever I had no idea I would be risking mine when I gave information to the police about a crime- they assured me over & over My name would never be known. I was shocked when I received a collect call from jail promising me payback. I never told a soul other than the cops. As for the black neighbor- if he would have spoken up, it’s very possible my boyfriend would still be alive but I don’t wish any harm to him. If it matters, I’m white and have a Master’s Degree in Education that never prepared me for this reality.

  37. Snitch on someone for a victimless crime and I don’t give a fuck if you become a [dead] victim.

  38. Hello all,
    I would like to start off by thanking those that are responsible for creating this site. I would like to plead with anyone out there with information on a crime to please talk to anyone that would help ease the pain and heartache that their family members are suffering from.
    My aunt Monzelle Renee McClinton was a mentally handicapped woman that was taking from us Feb. 2006. Monzelle was and is a very important part of our lives. Monzelle’s many differences caused her to be mistreated and teased by her peers including the neighborhood children which also may have caused her to be a target for a crime. Monzelle left that Feb. morning on her way to work and never returned home. We have no idea what happened to her and would just like some answers so that her soul can finally rest in peace. Please talk to someone that could possibly provide our family with some sort of closer. We have recieved no help from the Nashville police department so we’re counting on you…………..Thanks,

  39. Nashville TN. has suffered a great lose. Antoni Rico Monton was taking from this earth tragically on May 3rd 2008. Tony was visiting Berkshire Place apartments around 5:00 pm and was approached by a gunman and fatally shot. Tony was very inportant to me and his family and we would love to know any information on why this happened and who is responsible……

  40. “d” spot, I am concerned and want to help change things. I have a BA in Psychology
    & a BFA in Studio Art. I want to send you an image/symbol I have created. Please send
    me your email address………Gary

  41. to the “d” spot, I am concerned and want to help change things. I have a BA in Psychology
    & a BFA in Studio Art. I want to send you an image/symbol I have created. Please send
    me your email address………G-man

  42. Hey Gary.

    I did get your image and it looks great. It’s good to see folks wanting to get actively involved. I’ll email you as well.

  43. […] little over a year ago I wrote a post saying that the so-called “Don’t snitch” street code was – and is – killing black kids. Adults too. And as I mentioned in a follow-up post, […]

  44. People don’t snitch period. Why you and others target blacks is so typical. Ever heard of witness protection? The gangs have a strong hold on communities in this country since the government obviously use them to distribute their drugs. (See Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion). Holy crap. Blacks do this, blacks don’t do that. Well I have news for you. Blacks deserve a lot more credit than they ever get. I’d like, for once, to see a black man give accolades to the 4 million black men raising their children alone. To the 850 billion blacks spent, after taxes in this economy, to send Asian and White children to college. To the 4 million black veterans still alive, etc. As I see it, blacks have 3 enemies- other black people, foreigners and whites- and no country. This brother has just the same chances of being unarmed and killed by cops as any other. Snitches get killed by cops too, I am sure. Take it from someone who has worked in 13 state prisons.

  45. DD Sharper,

    First of all, I’m black too. So let’s get that out the way.
    Secondly, yes folks DO snitch. Believe me.
    Thirdly, I’m not in the business of jumping on blacks and blaming us for everything. Never have been. However, when I see us doing engaging in a particular behavior that I think is harmful to us – like us disproportionately killing us like what happens all the time here in Detroit where I live – then I figure I ought to speak my mind about it.

    I’m well aware of the good things our people do, and I comment on that too. But I’ll never subscribe to the “only tell the good news” philosophy. That just doesn’t work for me.

    • teamowens313:
      It seems that black people only jump on blacks for engaging in activity the white media says we are involved in. The N word, snitching, illegitimate births, etc. Most of it is propaganda and that includes the no snitching fiasco. No one wants to die by being the one who stands out and tells. I work in predominately white areas around the country and believe me, the problems in our communities are reflective of a larger problem in all communities. Generalizing blacks seems to be popular but until someone can statistically prove that 40 million people act en masse I suggest we stop beating our own people down, focusing on what the white man says are our problems and lifting up the millions of blacks that are doing it right. After 400 years in America, it’s time to start black franchises that all blacks can participate in through the stock market, it’s time to start mail order video companies selling black vids and movies that so many artists have problems selling to wholesalers. We do it individually for the most part, except for men like Geoffrey Canada who is putting his money where his mouth is and Janx, the brother who created the video, What black men think. We focus, just like the white man, on the worse things in the black race while he hides his dirt and focuses on the best. If there were some sort of balance I’d be less upset.

  46. I actually wrote a piece on this a while back; tell me what you think. Also, teamowens, email me at onemanhustle@yahoo.com because I have a question for you. Here’s the piece:

    Yes, you have the right to remain silent
    But it ain’t right to remain silent
    Especially when your neighborhoods remain violent
    And those who don’t stay quiet are labeled a snitch
    But this… ain’t the Sopranos
    And you won’t win a Tony with any song and dance you attempt to portray
    When you say snitches get stitches
    Cause the only ones in stitches are those laughing at you as they ask how can we be so dumb?
    No matter how you spell it
    Silence Nowadays Is Taking Communities Hostage
    And this nonsense
    This quasi-Mafioso garbage
    Has become the constant our kids have grown fond of
    How do I remain silent when violence
    Invades my nights and days
    Preys in our minds then stays
    Inside of our souls and decays
    And nowadays I question the source of this vibe
    Bragging about holding magazines yet too blind to see the issue
    Acting all XXL while leaving the streets with that small sad song
    The one whose soundtrack is a gun clap
    Serenaded with sirens and distraught mothers crying
    Ending with the final breath of another young soul dying (inhale, exhale)
    Do you see it?

    I would hope for you to read between the lines
    But niggas don’t like reading
    So don’t pay attention to the fact that every neighborhood like yours has more liquor stores
    Than churches
    Keep believing it ain’t on purpose that 12% of the population accounts for over half of the prisoners in our nation
    Just keep quiet
    Even though closed mouths don’t get fed
    Which leads to starvation which leaves people dead
    You would instead earn street credibility
    But keep on telling me that I don’t understand
    Even though I come from Saginaw, Michigan
    A place where “ice cream” was bought more than ice cream
    Keep telling me
    That it’s hard out here on the streets and you gotta get in where you fit in
    And how everybody trying to stop your shine as you try to define your life through what Jeezy and Wayne said it should be

    See a snitch is defined as someone who sells someone else out in order to avoid time in a prison
    And here you are making your life better by
    By selling out your community away one block at time
    One glock at a time
    One rock at a time
    And don’t even start trying to tell me about how you can get a brick then flip it
    And distribute it for double a profit minus the re-up
    And not see what you could do if that same time was applied to a degree in chemistry or business
    It ain’t no difference
    They both include thought, dedication, and deadlines
    But you would instead try to shield your stupidity
    As you preach that you gotta hold down your peeps

    Not realizing the irony in the statement you just made

    You don’t want me to tell you what you’re doing is wrong because you already know it
    And speaking it into existence brings life to something that a bullet can’t kill
    Your life ain’t worth living if you have nothing to die for
    That is what I write for
    So maybe if you tried more to handle your business
    And change how you living
    You wouldn’t reduce your existence
    To being caught up in calling other people snitches
    People who work hard for a living instead of living off of that hard and that work
    And it hurts that your worth ain’t dirt
    Supplying new areas where crack is sold
    And cracks in souls would make those suppose that growth is not an option
    You need to stop man
    Cause if you were listening
    Then you would realize you’re the trick that’s snitchin
    But allow me to pose this question to you:
    If niggas knew niggas weren’t niggas
    What would niggas do?

  47. I’m one of the few where this is not a very tough call. If I witness a crime, I’m telling. If I’m accused of a crime, didn’t do it, and know who did, I’m talking. This “Stop Snitching” code should be called what it is “Cowardice”. As another person stated earlier, a snitch is someone who is doing dirt who starts yapping to cover his own ass. A citizen is someone who witnesses a crime and does their best to make things right. BTW: We complain the Police don’t help our community and don’t solve crimes, yet when they need our help, we refuse to help them. Vicious cycle and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

    • How do you know you are one of the few? Where are your stats? Why do you believe this bull and condemn something THEY say is true? 40 million blacks and you believe they are all into no snitching? Wake up and quit buying into the lies about blacks, just like white racists do.

  48. I worked in 14 prisons and see what happens to people who tell. No snitching isn’t just in the black community nor is it any more prevalent in the black community (whatever that is), than in any other. I cannot believe how many blacks are ready to condemn our own when the white man says it’s a problem. Show me the stats otherwise stop being the uncle toms many of you seem to be. You don’t know what the hell you would do until it happens to you. I have had to go into hiding too many times, being a so-called good citizen but then I come to a black site and see us lumping each other into the same proverbial and generalized group as do all racists. I sure wish I could have chosen my race because black is the last thing I want to be. Not because of the race but because of the people in it, who love to bash their own. There IS no balance either.

    • Well, black folks a whole need to stop being the self-righteous racist bigots they are. That is right, racists.. worse than what goes through the heads of yellow, white, what have you. The primitive behavior is helping no one. Do good, for your color and for your fellow HUMAN BEINGS. Instead it is always blaming everyone else.. again, and again, and again..

  49. I’m a young black kid who was on the side of no snitching and in many ways still am. The only way you can understand the “no snitching” rule is when you are actually in the situation. It’s not that we want murderers, rapists etc. to go free but the fact that most murders are drug related, (drugs being stolen, non-payment, drug wars, etc.) so when we find the culprit, WE take care of it. Now when innocent parties like a little girl or an old lady become entangled that’s when EVERYONE black, white, etc. need to step up and get that person to see justice judicially or street wise.

  50. […] blogger opined, the “don’t snitch” mentality quite literally offers “silent haven to those among us who are killing us.” …buying into this lie that we’re better off letting murderers that look like us go […]

  51. Sorry, but it makes black people look very stupid and barbaric. It is up to them to adjust their behavior…

  52. Here is how this thread goes. some white person, a racist, reads this and because some rapper made famous by Fox mad a piece called don’t snitch, the racists come out, all hidden behind the veil of the web, and pretend that they themselves are self righteous law abiding citizens. Everyone, black and white, believes the bull, the stereotype, and starts castigating blacks for not snitching. Then, the whites act like they themselves didn’t start and support the code, prevalent among cops, federal workers and all corporate employees. Common among all inmates at every prison. And the uncle toms get up here and say, I’m not like the rest of the N— and I will tell if I see a crime. Most of you idiots don’t know what you would do in real life circumstances. On top of that, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and Indian Americans know better than to snitch if they are in prison. Whistleblowers in the so-called square world stand alone when they snitch on their fellow workers in the corrupt federal government or in corporate america. So this is a reflection, this stupid post, of the dummies running around this country, posing as superior beings and saying black people look stupid and barbaric and they need to adjust their behavior. This is absolute proof that Jesus Christ could not have been white. White people posting here are idiots, racists and perverts. Holy crap people, get it straight. Snitching is non racial and just because a black guy made a rap does not mean all blacks fit the bill. Just because these whiteys say they would snitch, I’d like proof. Every see a cut up snitch by the white Aryan brotherhood? Well it ain’t pretty. Ever see a Mexican snitch with his neck all prettied up with a knife slash? Ever see a black inmate who snitched and was attacked by his cell mate? Ever know anyone in the government, Enron fiasco or any other common American happening who snitched and lived to tell about it? You people are pathetic.

  53. “the racists come out, all hidden behind the veil of the web”


    “White people posting here are idiots, racists and perverts”

    Well, looks like he got something right.

  54. If you are white and want to become a police officer in America :
    YOU CAN:
    1. Be a coward and murder innocent sleeping black children as young as seven and just say it was an accident!

    2. Shoot a black unarmed mothers in the head and then shoot her two year old son finger off and just say TOO-BAD-SO SAD!

    3. You can shoot a unarmed innocent black man 41 times (MOST IN HIS FEET) and be back to work before his body in the ground! With nothing more then a out and out LIE!
    4. Shoot a black man and his friends over fifty times killing the unarmed black man and putting 19 bullet in the surviving passenger and 4 bulletin the body of the back seat passenger!
    5. Shoot a unarmed black man in the back murder him in cold blood and get three to four years in prison!
    6. Shoot a 92 year old black senior citizen 39 times 6 hitting their mark. Then plant drugs in her home and a gun in her hands and handcuff the dying senior citizen. Then lie lie lie!
    7. Kick handcuff punch innocent black men get caught on video and be back to work in a couple of months found not guilty!
    8. Chase a black man and shoot him upwards of 60 to 90 time after the unarmed man stop his car!
    9. Stop & Frisk black children in New York going to and from school. Make them take off their shoes and drop trousers in public!
    10. Kick down black people doors and make their children and them lay in their floor! You can place your foot on their back,neck or throat and hold a conversation!
    11. Can murder black cops and just say TOO-BAD-TOO-SAD just another accident!
    12. Beat and murder black senior citizen some on oxygen tanks and just say TOO-BAD-SO-SAD!

    NOTE: And the society we live in could careless …They are concern about other country civil right and NOT black Americans!

  55. I am white. And I find it offensive at what you are saying. It seems to me you stereotype all whites as racist, most of you anyway. Which we all know isn’t true. But we all know that are some racists, white and black. We all are responsible for our community. And we all know that most police, black and white, are good and for the good of the community. My mother is former police, and I know she isn’t racist. She has worked and is working for black superiors. She has even worked on the campaign for the sheriff who is black.


  57. […] you see something, keep your d….d mouth shut!" Maybe bumper stickers to that effect? Don't Snitch Gang Bangers already started […]

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