Five for your brainwaves



First of all I need to say that five isn’t enough, but I do understand that ya gotta have rules, and a line does have to be drawn somewhere in the sand. Seriously. I do understand, and I’ll be good. About playing by the rules this one time, that is. You say I can’t name (or is it meme?) more than five other blogs that make me think, and your instruction is seared into my blog…I mean brain. No promises about anything else, though. Being good isn’t exactly something I’m good at. I’d tell you to call my mother to confirm, but she’d be kinda ticked if I gave out her number like that.

Woke up this morning around 8 after getting back to the house around 3 a.m. from a gig we played at the Greektown Casino. Best thing about those gigs are the money, the free food, and the dressing rooms because they actually have one. Most joints I’ve played just might have a sanitary bathroom if you use it early before the first set while the fellas still have their aim intact, if you get what I’m saying. If you’ve got to use the facilities at the end of the night, just hold your breath, do what you gotta do, and stumble back out. Don’t bother with the water because it will take a hell of a lot more than a trickling stream of water and dirty bar soap to scare the as-yet-unnamed diseases that have taken up residence on your flesh.

Anyway, I wasn’t playing a joint like that last night, which was a good thing. Maybe I should have taken that as the first sign that Wednesday was a day for the plus column. So like I was saying a little earlier, there I was rubbing the grains of sleep from my eyes and checking my blog messages when I see that my brother Villager   offered my site up for the Thinking Blogger Award. It was right about then that I figured I probably hadn’t woken all the way up just yet.

But on the serious (and extremely grateful) side of things, I was pretty blown away. It was one of those kind of moments that makes you take a bit deeper breath than normal – just before running over to the wife in the next room and yelling “Guess what?” like I was five or something.

I kinda like awards, man.

So then I’m told that part of the way this thing works is that after I have been “tagged” to do a “meme”, I need to list five other blogs that have similarly made me think. Sure thing. Just as soon as I find out what the hell is a “meme” and where to look on my aging anatomy to see if I’ve been “tagged” and didn’t know it. Being the good brother that he is, Villager gave me the lowdown (what are brothers for, right?), and now I can act like I knew what the deal was all the time.

To wit, here are my Fab Five…

1) Electronic Village. And yeah, I know how this might look, but at least I ‘fessed up to full disclosure, right? But if I’m gonna be honest about this thing, then I need to be honest about the fact that I take a trip to the Village each and every day – and sometimes twice. I love this place. I love the concept of electro-cyber-afrocentricity (yeah boyee, look DAT up in yer Funk an Wagnalls). Villager has more than lived up to his mission of creating an African American cultural space in cyberspace that really does feel like a community of kindred souls. It’s like dropping by the cafe for deep discussion.

2) Blacksmythe. Dr. Lester K. Spence is one of the most deeply analytical brothers I’ve run across in the ‘sphere. He can take you as deep as you wanna go, so just be sure you know that’s how deep you wanna go before hopping on board. The other thing I dig so much about this site is the expanse of topics he riffs on. Lester – maybe I should say Dr. Spence – doesn’t restrain himself to the predictable AA topics, nor does he offer up the predictably acceptable diatribe. The man has enough credentials to boldly – and intellectually – go where others would rather not tread. But he’s got the gear to handle the journey.

3) Mindspill. Bygbaby is one of my early favorites, and I especially appreciate him because he reached out to me before I even knew where – or who – he was. I’ve only been doing this for about two months (barely knew what a blog was last year), so it took me awhile to figure out how to make the rounds, then to make them and get acquainted. Also, he’s a fellow Detroiter so homeboy props are required. But on the real, this brother has a flow and a bite to his writing style that really makes me smile while opening up my mind to the spill at the same time.

4) Women Walking in Wisdom’s Footsteps. KWiz, simply put, is a deep thinker and a very spiritual adventurer. You put those two together and you have a site that nourishes parts of your gray matter that you weren’t even aware was being neglected. She doesn’t smack you around like some – not that smacking around is necessarily a bad thing – but once you’re finished reading you understand. Plain and simple.  You understand. And suddenly the space between your ears doesn’t feel quite so cramped. Room for more ideas to boogey.

5) African American Opinion. If you’ve already been there, then the reason for this choice is obvious. If you haven’t been, then go. Then come back. Now wasn’t that obvious? And the way they have opened up the site for cross-posting? Just great. Such a great way to meet great minds and thoughts. It’s just obvious, man.

So there you have it. I sincerely hope you will check these sites out, not because I said they’re great, but because you owe it to yourself to find out for yourself.  And on that thinkin’ note, I think I’ll sign off and enjoy the rest of the day before the rest of the day finds out about it…


~ by Keith A. Owens on April 11, 2007.

15 Responses to “Five for your brainwaves”

  1. First off congrats man you deserve it and the choices are great! well deserved choices

  2. Thanks Latimer!

  3. Keith, you are the man and you are respected for your tremendous sharing of your thoughts via this blog. Your choices are outstanding, There is one that I will visit, but i agree on the other 4

  4. Hey JD!

    Thanks so much for the support, man. That means an awful lot, it really does. Support is liked fuel out here, you know? And with gas prices being what they are…

  5. Keith, Thx so much for considering the Mindspill. You know when I write, I just do it because I like freeing my mind from all of the thoughts that cloud it, so I guess you could say that I think too much, but it’s a good thing.

    I stumbled across you blog from AA(B)O & after reading a few pieces, well the rest is history. I appreciate your Detroit spin on things & I find myself agreeing with you POV quite often.

    It’s great being part of the Afrospear.

    BTW, since you nominated me, does that mean that I need to in turn nominate others???


  6. Hey bygbaby!

    Man, there’s no such thing as thinking too much in my book. The reverse is what constitutes the crime. And the way I see it I couldn’t NOT consider your space. It’s just great all the way around, and it keeps me inspired.

    And yeah, I’m afraid it does mean exactly that, my friend. So round up five of your faves, and keep the electronic thought vibes flowing!


  7. Hi Keith,

    I just wanted to thank you so very much for your recommendation. I am so very honored by your nomination and appreciate the kind and encouraging words which you used to describe what I am attempting to do at my blog. I am so humbled.

  8. KWiz,

    Simply put, you should know that I rarely say thing sI don’t mean. Especially in print where somebody can hold me to it. Everything I said about your site was meant straight from the heart because I felt it was well-deserved. Your site is a wonderful place to spend time.

  9. […] Carpets and Keith have graciously chosen to bless me with the Thinking Blogger Award started by Ilker at The Thinking […]

  10. i just got back from chi and didn’t even see this until now. profuse thanks!!! i appreciate this, and your work a great deal.

  11. Hey Lester!

    I was more than happy to do it. You’re stuff is great, and I just wanted to do whatever I could to let more people know about what you’re doing.

  12. this blog is becoming a problem for me! I check out the recommended blogs, and they lead me to other great blogs… and here I am, not having done a post of my own!
    Nevermind! Glad to have found your blog and all the ones that I’ve bumped into thanks to you!

  13. Cutter!

    Sounds like I’m doing my job. I hope to keep you enthralled for a long time!

  14. Keith … I’m not sure how I missed this one. Thank you very much for the kind words my brother. It has been a fun few months as a blogger. Although, truth to tell … it is rough at times keeping it up! Anyhow, I appreciate the return pass on this Thinking Blogger Award!

    peace, Villager

  15. Villager!

    Glad to do it, man. And I meant every word of it. Andbelieve me I can sympathize with how hard it can be to keep this thing up. I’m on a bit of a small hiatus for a few weeks myself. Gotta get my mind right:)

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