Congressional Black Caucus plays footsie with Satan


Seems to be a lot of fuss going on in the blackosphere recently about the decision made by the Congressional Black Caucus to partner up with the goon squad over at FOX TV, those rightwing nutjobs who could even be fun and lovable in a sickly entertaining kind of way if they weren’t quite so much like the Nazis.

I’m sorry. Was that over the top? My bad, and you’re absolutely right; the point here should be to act like an adult and fight fair, not to act like those goose-stepping Nazis over at FOX News.

Man. There I go again. OK, look, allow me to start over. I’ll be good this time. Promise. That was kinda fun, though. I have to admit.

Anyway, on to the point of this post. A lot of my brothers and sisters out there are getting up in arms and righteously indignant because the CBC has agreed to partner with the notoriously conservative FOX News crew (was that better?) to host two presidential debates – one for the Republicans, one for the Democrats – later on this year. Since the proposed Democratic debate is scheduled to take place on Sept. 23, 2007, at the Fox Theater in Detroit – my hometown – I figured I had an obligation to weigh in on this thing. 

First off, I can’t stand FOX News, but then you probably already figured that part out. That means I completely understand why the ruckus over the CBC’s decision to cozy up to FOX when there are certainly other alternatives for partnership that might not create such well-earned controversy. FOX specializes in right-wing lunacy, but then that should come as no surprise since that has been their mandate ever since the beginning. That’s why they were created; under the guise of presenting a conservative alternative to the so-called “liberal media” (which is a huge joke to anybody who has ever worked at a major news organization at anytime during the past 20 years or so), they have essentially employed themselves as fire-breathing pundits from the Dark Side, out to defend the sacred morals of right-wing conservatives everywhere. But as anyone who is really paying attention to these clowns can attest, their only real business is entertainment. 

It’s a ratings game, folks, and any fire created on sacred conservative territory by the despised liberals – that would be us – is great for their ratings. It says they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing and creating the anticipated response. They toss out the bait, and we jump.

Look, I don’t mean to belittle the efforts of anybody who is behind this thing, I really don’t. And if I come off like that, my apologies. Seriously. And as for the characterization of FOX News as entertainment, that characterization pretty much applies to most news these days, not just FOX. Doesn’t mean it’s harmless, just that FOX has figured a new angle to the game to draw more viewers. They draw traditional viewers because they predictably espouse the company line. They draw additional viewers – that would be us – because we can’t help but watch to see what these nuts are gonna do next.

Guess I’m saying all of that to say this in  my typically rambling fashion; don’t be fooled into thinking that if this movement succeeds in separating the CBC from its alliance with FOX that the CBC will then be  left with far superior magical alternatives. All you need to do is check around and see who owns the major news organizations in this country and you’ll start to see the true dimensions of the game.

FOX? Please. FOX is CBS is ABC is NBC is all part of the game, and they are all playing their assigned roles. Once upon a time, before the days of the multinationals and the super mergers, it wasn’t quite this bad. It was never great, but it was much better than it is now. What we are watching now in the place of news is a well-scripted made-for-TV drama (or sitcom, depending on your sense of humor). Whether it’s FOX hosting this thing or some other crew, do you really think we will suddenly become witness to the truth and the light on the night of those debates? And do you really call those charades debates anymore? C’mon, man.

It’s a damned game, and we’re all getting played.

So what do I suggest, you ask? I say let it ride, is what I suggest. I say let’s not make this more of a news item than it already is, and let’s stop helping FOX attract even more viewers on the well-worn backs of our collective outrage.

I say let’s get focused on something real.



~ by Keith A. Owens on April 5, 2007.

10 Responses to “Congressional Black Caucus plays footsie with Satan”

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  2. Hotep Keith,
    Your points are well-taken, especially the reality that calling these things ‘debates’ is far from the truth as well. I accept that ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox are all pretty much the same as it relates to life in the Black community … however, I’m still wondering why CBCI couldn’t have had their event at the Fox Theatre in Detroit sponsored by a media partner other than Fox? In the scheme of things I would prefer that they partner with one of the other stations on the dial … Fox is simply too much of an anti-Black entity for me not to worry that another shoe will drop before the debates are done.

    Anyhow, your writing style is unique and a pleasure to read. Stay strong… peace, Villager

  3. Hey Villager. Brother, I do appreciate your concerns about Fox, and I hope I didn’t sound like they weren’t well-founded. It’s obvious where they’re coming from, and it’s repugnant. And I certainly wouldn’t complain if CBC decided to hook up with someone else. I just wanted to put it on folks’ minds to keep in mind that there is no Promised Land in Media Land. Not when it comes to us, and certainly not in the current climate that is so antagonistic toward any real news of any sort.


  4. Thanks for another perspective. The CBC needs funds to keep hope alive. Our community does not represent strong donations for political issues. If we had the cash put up then as a community our voice would be louder. Both you and Villager have done a fine service by posting on this topic.

  5. Hey Jim. Thanks much for the compliment. Just voicing my thoughts, and it’s always nice to know someone is listening. You’re definitely right about how we can sometimes be when it comes to cash donations on political issues. Or even speaking out beyond our circle of friends and associates. Hopefully we’re getting better in that regard. Have a great weekend!

  6. Let me see. It’s okay for conservatives to work with far left organizations and leftist news agencies like the Clinton News Network (CNN). That, apparently, is the least those devil possessed conservatives can do. But it’s horrors in the morning if the CBC (about as left leaning as you can get and still be an American) to work with what at best could be called a conservative network?

    Where do you get off deciding who should work with who? It was the liberal media that was busy pushing stories about rape gangs, helicopter shootings, and mass murder in New Orleans. They were MORE than willing to believe in and publicize it.

    I suggest you get you political head out of your anal cavity and think for yourself. Stop going with the mindless liberal herd that has done nothing but harm to Blacks for the last 120 years.

  7. Have a nice life, Melvin.

  8. Ha ha. Yeah that might be the proper reply for Melvin, Keith. It is kind of fun to have a right-wing nut job trolling around though, don’t you think? Hey Melvin!! That was great, how about some more. But try to be a little bit more insane this time? I mean, Clinton News Network? Liberal Media? Yeah, that’s ridiculous and a lie, but…I mean it’s just old, man. How about some really fresh bullshit? Let’s try and be more entertaining next time, ok? My advice: Greater Effort.

  9. “Where do you get off deciding who should work with who?”

    -These are our elected officals, Mel. They work for us. We have every right to say who they should and shouldn’t work with.

    “Clinton Newa Ntework” “Liberal Media”

    -Damn, you’ve really bought it, haven’t you?

    “They were MORE than willing to believe in and publicize it”

    -You mean they… and you, dontcha?

    Good luck in your career as a professional “one of the good ones”, Mel.

  10. Eheheh, if I wanted to focus on something real, would I while away my time reading blogs?

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