Passion ain’t easy…


Every once and awhile we need to laugh. For more jokes and funnies, check the “Boomer Angst” category… 

It was with much dismay that Rachel discovered her husband 
Hymie had a mistress. Rachel, however, was not the sort to kill 
the golden goose, rather she decided to find out what the 
mistress had that she didn’t. 
After a long interrogation Hymie finally relented. “Well, to 
tell you the truth, Rachel, you are too cold. When we make love 
you don’t do anything. You just lay there, whereas she moans and 
groans with feeling.” 
“Is that all?” thought Rachel. “Is that all there is to it?” 
That night she dressed in her most alluring lingerie, slipped 
Hymie a shot of his favorite cognac and got him into bed. Half- 
way through the business she decided to give him her most 
passionate moans and groans. “Oh Hymie, darling,” she began, 
“I’ve had the most terrible day. Our shares dropped two points, 
the maid quit and you don’t give me enough housekeeping money…” 


~ by Keith A. Owens on March 8, 2007.

One Response to “Passion ain’t easy…”

  1. Ho-ho-ho, kids! That really hit my G-spot… er… D-spot… er… FUNNY BONE!
    Glad you guys are blogging…the site is really neat looking.
    Luvya ~

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