A “What the…?” word of welcome


This is the home of the twisted and the lost.

This is where strange little things come to hide, where oddities become normalities and the distant suburbs of fiction become inner-city realities.

We haven’t quite decided on what the boundaries are just yet, but we are confident that we will recognize them once we get there.  

But once we recognize those boundaries, the question then becomes; do we stand here at the boundaries twiddling our thumbs? Or do we push on through to the other side…?


~ by Keith A. Owens on February 28, 2007.

One Response to “A “What the…?” word of welcome”

  1. Obviously, no question, push through to the other side.

    What the…….is up with Corporate America packing up their wallets, jobs and tax revenue and leaving our great state of Michigan without not much more than a “see ya when I see Ya” Cliche’ posted to the butts of it’s taxpayers? Is our beloved Governor in control? Or is Michigan’s ecomomy completely out of control?

    Comerica Bank, the latest Corporation to announce it’s “withdrawl” from Michigan to a much more economic growth-oriented climate of the Southwest Region, specifically Dallas TX, will be the site of it’s new HQ.

    I guess the odd thing about this potentially diasterous economic situation in Michigan is will these latest actions serve as a red flag to Michigan’s existing corportions and encourage them to follow suit, and will this economic shift in Michigan prevent other corporations from setting up shop?


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