An Intro to The Funny Bone Zone


These are the jokes, folks.

Thing is, we started looking at some of our categories and realized that we were becoming pretty doggoned heavy and serious all at the same time. We don’t mind tackling the serious stuff, and as an ex-journalist from the old school, I’m practically hard-wired to deal with serious issues above all else.  

But sometimes you just gotta laugh. And since we’re both boomers,  we figured the best humor for us to post is humor that we get,  you know? This means what you’re most likely to find here are jokes –  and sometimes comical situations taken from our own lives –  that folks our age are more likely to understand.

Nothing like posting a joke on your own blog and you don’t even get the punch line.

WARNING:  This site is not suitable for the comically challenged. 


~ by Keith A. Owens on February 26, 2007.

One Response to “An Intro to The Funny Bone Zone”

  1. ok you boomers, welcome to your future —
    old man walks into a bar. see a very attractive older lady seated there. walks up to her. extends his hand and introduces himself. then asks “do i come here often.” —

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