Nice to meet you


Hey there.

Perhaps the first thing you’re wondering is why we chose that name and what, exactly, is it supposed to mean?

Good question, friend. Curiosity never killed the cat, but lack of curiosity just may be the difference between the cat that found the mouse and the one still waiting around for that mouse to come knocking at the door with a “Dinner is served” sign wrapped around its little tail. 

We believe curiosity is a good thing. We also believe that lack of curiosity, to a fairly large degree, has a lot to do with why Detroit still suffers from this sociopathic image of the city that God gave up on and the devil doesn’t have time for. The curious take the time to investigate and sort through what is fiction and what is fact. If there’s no time for that (because we’re all so much busier than we really are) then those intelligent enough to be curious will at least withhold judgment until enough information is acquired to fashion an informed opinion.

As for the less-than-curious, well, it really is so much easier to let someone else do your thinking for you, isn’t it?

We really would hate to see that happen to you, friend, which is why we decided to start this blog. The fiction is that Detroit is an abandoned hell hole to stay away from at all costs, especially if you value your morals and your life. The fact is that Detroit is about so much more than who got shot last week, and it is has so many more dimensions than the legend of Motown music and cars.  

Do really bad things happen in Detroit? Yep. Are there a lot of poor people in Detroit? Yep. Are race relations strained there? You bet. Is there great music in Detroit? More than you could imagine. Is there culture in Detroit? See the answer we just gave about music. Will Detroit survive? In Detroit, survival is what we specialize in .

Detroit is what you might call strange beautiful. Some folks get addicted to it, others run away screaming. Even the best things in life aren’t for everybody. But before you decide whether or not Detroit is for you, seek out the truth. That’s where The D Spot will come in handy. We consider it our mission from this day forward to balance the picture. With a lifetime’s worth experience living and working in ‘The D’, which translates to more than 60 years combined, we’ve lived through much of the best and worst in Detroit’s recent history. We don’t know it all, by any means, but we know a lot. And what we don’t know there’s a good chance we can find out.

We’re here to help, friend. Enjoy The D Spot.


~ by Keith A. Owens on February 4, 2007.

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